Thursday, July 2, 2009

Terrapin's in the Road

If you're traveling to the Jersey Shore this weekend, be sure to keep a sharp eye out for Terrapins in the roadway. These links, between mainland and the barrier islands, are a growing threat to Diamondback Terrapins. In 2004 researchers from the Wetlands Institute began to install temporary barrier fencing along the coastal causeways, in an attempt to reduce road mortality of nesting terrapins in areas known to be major “kill zones.” While this has reduced terrapin mortality, on average, approximately 84 percent, not all of the causeways have barrier fencing. To read more about Terrapin Conservation at the Wetlands Institute, head here!

While this female wasn't on the causeway, she was hanging out in the middle of a dirt road at one of the wildlife refuges. She was more than willing to allow me to snap a few shots before heading back to the water.

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